Manolis Zacharioudakis1958: Born in Athens
1974- 1978: Studied painting and drawing under the painter Tassos Regas.
1979 – 1984: Athens School of Fine Arts with teachers, Demosthenes Kokkinidis (1 year), Dimitris Mytaras (1 year), Nikos Kessanlis (the 3 last years).
2003: Visiting fellow in Hellenic Studies program at Princeton University, (Digenes Akritas «P» version)
He has illustrated books, book covers, newspapers and music record envelopes, games. He is working with computers (image manipulation, web sites) since 1985.
Stereotypes in Theran wall paintings: Modules and patterns in the procedure of painting
The wall paintings of Thera, proceedings of the first international symposium, Athens 2000
Books:»Zografiki odigies hriseos» (painting, user’s guide), guide, publisher»Metaichmio» Athens 2011 (in Greek)
“Proistoriko Restoran” (prehistoric restaurant), novel, publisher “Kedros”, Athens 2001 (in Greek)
«Tekmissa» (translation/adaptation of ancient Greek drama «AIAS (Ajax)»), Athens 2001(in Greek)
«Beowulf» (translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, and notes on my art), Athens 1997 (in Greek)
One man shows (21)
2015: ekfrasi- gianna grammatopoulou («Cipher»)
2010: «Alma Gallery» Trikala (p.p.p.)
2009: «Astra Galerie» (zachary ‘n’ oil)
2006: «Astra Galerie» (corridor metaphysics)
2006: «Zina Athanasiadou» (corridor metaphysics)
2004:: «365», carpe t diem.
2003: «Project Three» (paintings on canvas, plastic), Astra Gallery, Art Athina 10
2002: «Tekmissa -Ajax» (paintings on paper, canvas and CD-ROM), «Astra gallery»
1999: «Pope Joan II the dreams» (paintings on paper and CD-ROM), Astra gallery
1998: «Project pope Joan» (paintings on paper CD-ROM), Astra gallery – Art Athina 6
1997: «Beowulf» (paintings on wood and CD-ROM), Gallery 3, Athens
1996: «Caryatids» (installation), Gallery Olga Georgandea, Voula
1995: «Silva mensae» (wood works), 24 gallery, Athens
1995: «ex votos/ trinkets» (ceramics and paper work), Astra gallery, Athens
1994: «Screens» (installation), Gallery Olga Georgandea, Voula
1995: «Gilgamesh» (paintings on paper), Gallery 3, Athens
1993: «Gilgamesh» (paintings on paper), Gallery Ermes, Thessaloniki
1990: «Parareligion» (paintings on paper), Gallery 3, Athens
1988: «Odyssey» (paintings on canvas), Gallery 3, Athens
1986: «Allegories» (paintings on canvas), Gallery 3, Athens
1985: «Birds – cakes» (paintings on canvas), Stavrakakis gallery, Heraklion Crete
1995: «Birds – cakes» (paintings on canvas), ZM gallery, Thessaloniki
1984: «Birds – cakes» (paintings on canvas), Tantra gallery, Athens
Selection of Group exhibitions


  • «Αττικό Τοπίο», Μουσείο Κοσμήματος Ηλία Λαλαούνη, Αθήνα
  • «Ο Γεννάδιος και ο κόσμος του» Gennadius Library, curator Iris Kritikou
  • Art Athina (art books)


  • «Κεντρο Χαρακτικής Αθηνων Pantolfini – Σιατερλη, η ιστορία ενός εργαστηρίου» Municipal gallery, Athens,


  • «Applied metaphysics» Palaio Frourio, Corfu and in Byzantine museum, Athens


  • Reflections from Greece, National Arts Club, New York


  • Athens Voice,
  • «Zina Athanasiadou»
  • «Parnassos club»

• Bisextillia 2004, old university
•«24» (Emmanuel Rhoidis) drawings
«Skoufa 4», (whites).
•Winery «Strofiia- Averof», Anavissos (whites with legends)
•House of the exhibitions, Tinos Isle » homage to Gyzi» video, curator Nikos Xydakis


  • «Akrites of Europe» curator: Louisa Karapidaki

• Metsovo, («3D screen»), curator: Lina Tsikouta (and in 2003 at MMST, Thessaloniki and at Gazi-Techopolis, Athens).

• Glossalgia, Hellenic American Union – Frissiras Museum, curators: Manos Stefanidis, Nadia Argyropoulou.
• Pinacotheke Averof, Metsovo (with Manolis Charos and Maria Maroudi) Video on Dionysus myth, (educational program with children), curator Olga Danielopoulou (video)

• The EURO Cultural Mile, Frankfurt (
• Bisextillia 2000, Athens, Old University.

1998 – 1999:
• «Greek Horizons», curator Roger Wollen. York City Art Gallery -21 Mar. 1998 to 19 Apr. 1998; Tullie Museum & Art Gallery, Carlisle -8 Aug. to 4 Oct. 1998; London Institute Gallery, London – 5 to 29 Jan. 1999 and The Stanley Picker Gallery, The University of Kingston, London July 1999.
• Greek Landscapes, National Pinacotheke (E.P.M.A.S.), curators Marina Lambraki Plaka, Angela Tambaki.
• «Generations of the 80s and the 90s», Municipal gallery Athens, Museum of Dalarnas Falun Sweden, Luxembourg.

• 42 Salon de Montrouge, France, directrice artistque Nicole Ginoux.
• «Piraeus Street. Metamorphosis of an industrial landscape» curators Flavia Nessi, Iris Kritikou.
• AdvARTisng» (50 years ADEL/ SAATCHI& SAATCHI), curator Olga Danielopoulou

• Pinacotheke Averof, Metsovo, «Dedication to Periklis Pantazis 1849-1884″ (mixed media), curator Olga Mentzafou.»
• Art Athina» (Gallery «Olga Georgandea»), Athens.

• Flocart (W.W.F. – GOUDY’S) Athens (video-portraits).
• Pinacotheke Averof, – Pierides museum-, Metsovo «Fish» (paintings on paper), curator Yiannis Kolokotronis.
• Pierides museum, Absolut cult ’95.

• «Art Athina» (Gallery 3), Athens.

• Pinacotheke Averof, – Pierides museum-, Metsovo,»Tree» (wood work), curator Yiannis Kolokotronis.

• «Circulo de Bellas Artes», Madrid, «Spira I» (Installation), curator Sania Pappa.

• Municipal gallery Athens (Installation) «Metaichmion», curator Manos Stefanidis.

• French Institute, Athens, «Revolution»
• Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens, «Art and technology» (figures with TV screens and cameras).
• «Anti-Festival» organized by «Anti» magazine, Athens (Installation).

• European Community, Brussels: «Five Greek Artists», Strasbourg, organized by Town Hall. «5 Greek Artists, 30 works» (figures with TV screens and cameras)
• Municipal gallery, Athens, «Meetings, indications, conformations» (multimedia), curator Kostas Stavropoylos.

• Pierides museum, Glyfada, «dedication to Beatrice Spiliadis» (an interactive TV screen)
• Biennial for young artists of Mediterranean countries, (an trojan horse with a TV screen and a zx spectrum with eprom), Barcelona, (multimedia) curator Sania Pappa

• Gallery 3, Athens: «Pandora’s box» curator Beatrice Spiliadis

• Gallery 3, Athens: «Image, space, installation» , curator V. Spiliadis (Silvia Plath)
• Office Riadh el Feth, Algiers (one work by a group of artists)
• Pierides museum, for «Athens Cultural Capital»

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